A. Identity and address of Controller.

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information Held by Third Parties (LFPD – Mexican acronym) and other applicable regulations, Hotelera Palace Resorts S. de R.L. de C.V. (hereinafter commonly referred to as "Grupo Palace Resorts" or "Controller", whose domicile to hear and receive communications is: Carretera Cancún Puerto Morelos km 21, Manzana 01, Lote 1 – 11, Edificio A, Supermanzana 47, Municipio Benito Juárez, Cancún, Quintana Roo, C.P. 77506, expressly states:

B. Personal information collected and processed.

For the purposes described in this Privacy Notice we collect the following types of personal information:
1) Identification
2) Social environment

C. Processing of sensitive personal information.

Grupo Palace Resorts® does not collect sensitive personal information for the purposes described in the following section.

D. Purpose of processing.

a. Relevant and necessary purposes.
1. Administration and management of Controller's corporate and institutional image.
2. Advertising in national and international media.
3. Creation of advertising and/or viral through electronic and nonelectronic media.
4. Satisfaction surveys to measure improvements in services offered by Controller.
5. Statistical purposes and recording of results obtained with advertising and viral campaigns.
b. Additional purposes.
1. None

E. Transfer of personal information.

Your personal information (including sensitive information) may be shared or processed by persons other than Controller under the following circumstances:
1. Controlling company, subsidiaries or affiliates of Grupo Palace Resorts®; for the purpose of centralizing information, corporate distribution of advertising and/or viral promotions or collection of statistics, in order to evaluate, improve and design advertising campaigns.

F. Consent for the sharing of information.

Pursuant to Article 37 of the LFPD the sharing of information under paragraph 1 above does not require your consent.
Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your consent except under the circumstances described in Article 37 of the LFPD, and in all cases such sharing will be performed in strict compliance with Article 17 of the LFPD Regulations.

G. Exercise of ARCO rights.

Under all legal circumstances you may exercise your rights to access, modify, cancel and oppose information (ARCO rights) using the legal procedures we have set up.
All such requests should be sent in writing to the address indicated in paragraph A of this Notice addressed to our Controller of Personal Information, and comply with the applicable legal requirements.
Information requests should contain the following:
I. Your name and address or other means of providing you with a response.
II. Valid identification documents or power of attorney, as the case may be.
III. A clear and precise description of the personal information on which you wish to exercise your ARCO Rights; and
IV. Any other element or document that could facilitate locating your personal information.
Controller will answer you with a decision within 20 business days counted from the date on which your request is received. If the request is admissible it will be put into effect within 15 business days following the date on which Controller advises you of the decision. In the event that the information you provide is incorrect or insufficient, or if you fail to send the necessary identity documents or power of attorney, Controller will ask that you correct such deficiencies within five business days after receiving your request and you will have 10 business days to comply, counted from the day after you receive such notice. The process will be terminated if you do not answer within the required time.
You can obtain the requested personal information in the form of plain copies or electronic documents in common formats (Word, PDF, etc.), by means of authorized restricted access to the databanks (access) containing your personal information or by any other legal means that guarantee and evidence the exercise of the requested right.
Alternatively, after fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements, the Owner may submit their request by e-mail to derechosarco@palaceresorts.com and indicating "ARCO Rights and/or Consent Revoked" in the Subject line. Response times will remain the same as those mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph. The use of electronic media in the exercise of ARCO rights authorizes Controller to answer the request using the same media unless the petitioner specifically requests another format.
You will be responsible for maintaining your personal information in possession of Controller updated. Therefore, under all circumstances you are responsible for the truth, accuracy, validity and quality of the personal information you provide, and you hereby undertake to keep such information updated by informing Controller of any changes.

H. Revoking consent.

You may revoke your consent to have your personal information processed, without retroactive effect, in all cases in which said revocation does not make it impossible to fulfill any obligations arising from the legal relation in force between you and Controller.
The process for revoking consent will be the same as the one established in the immediately preceding section on how to exercise your ARCO rights.

I. Limitations on the disclosure of your personal information.

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by sending our Personal Information Department a request to that effect. The requirements for personal identification and the procedure for answering your request remain the same as those indicated in the section on "Exercise of ARCO Rights".
Controller has the resources and procedures to ensure that some of your information is included in a Personal Exclusion List, on condition that you expressly request the inclusion of such information in said list. Controller will then issue to all registered owners [of said information] a letter certifying their inclusion in said list.

J. Modification or updating of this General Privacy Notice.

Controller may modify, update, expand or change in any other way the content and force of this General Privacy Notice at any time and at its complete discretion. In such cases, Grupo Palace Resorts® will publish the changes in the "Privacy Policy" section of the website www.palaceresorts.com.
Changes to this Privacy Notice can also be announced by e-mail when that means of communication has been set up as a channel of communication between you and Controller, throughout the life of this legal relation.

Last updated
December 1st, 2021.