Here, you'll find hydrating body wraps, deep-tissue massages and luxurious facials, hydrotherapy, plunge pools, herbal steam rooms and more. Here's a list of the services we offer. It's everything you need to trade the normal life for a day spent in utter relaxation. Grab a robe, and step right this way.


Awe Massages

Our divine massages are a gentle call of a well-being desire.

DEEP TISSUE (80 MINUTES) Our most-liked massage to relieve chronic tension patterns. Deep pressures will help alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension.

BACK DEEP TISSUE (50 MINUTES) Our guest favorite massage to relieve chronic tension patterns. Deep pressures will help alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension.

AROMATHERAPY (80 MINUTES) A touch of scent with contrasting styles that improve the body blood circulation. Choose one of two available aromas.

HOLISTIC (50 MINUTES) Unique deep flowing and relaxing full-body massage. Tailored for a complete harmony.

CITRUS (50 MINUTES) Combined with a citrus ointment, it helps you to feel energized and in balance.

Awe Facial

Our Awe Facial collection will embellish your face with prime nourishment and nutritious renovation.

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE* (80 MINUTES) Repairs and regenerates skin to prevent premature aging. Benefit: Tighter and firmer skin. Instant glow and youthfulness.

DIAMOND ENERGY* (80 MINUTES) Intensive treatment, which provides luminosity, elasticity and firmness. Benefit: Powerful revitalizing and sculpting effect.

BALANCING (80 MINUTES) Detoxifying and deeply cleansing treatment for a luminous and radiant appearance. Benefit: Detoxified and revitalized skin.

VITAMIN C (80 MINUTES) A 100% antioxidant treatment that soothes face and hands textures. Benefit: Luminosity as well as revitalized skin.

REFRESHING (50 MINUTES) Intense moisturizing and oxygenating effect. Benefit: Luminous and protected skin.

CEUTICAL (50 MINUTES) Calming and firming treatment for sensitive and reactive skins. Benefit: Soothing, calming and hydrating.

Awe Wraps

Exclusive Awe Body Therapies designed to pamper and restore your skin with elements from the sea, chocolate, and local botanicals.

CHOCOLATE WRAP (80 MINUTES) Cocoa-based masque that moisturize, nourish and soften your skin. Exfoliation is included, thereby it enhance circulation.

MARINE WRAP (50 MINUTES) Fine mineral-rich seaweed mixture, which detoxifies and rejuvenates body skin.

CHAYA SOOTHING WRAP (50 MINUTES) The healing properties of Aloe, Nopal & Chaya are an excellent remedy for an extreme sunburn and sensitive skin.


Water Journey

Here is where your special Awe Spa experience begins. Indulge yourself with our WATER JOURNEY to maximize the treatment of your choice.

  • Revitalizing Shower
  • Steam and Sauna
  • Cool and Warm Pools
  • Hot Tub
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Healthy Amenities

Add - ons

Extend your Awe Experience, ask for our recommendations.

SCRUB (25 MINUTES) Whole body exfoliation that refines the skin.

FACE (25 MINUTES) Mini facial.

HAIR (25 MINUTES) Scalp massage.

FEET & LEGS (25 MINUTES) Foot and leg massage..

*Cannot be combined with Awe Salon Services.                 


Body & Soul

An Awe Experience you just have to live more than once in your life.

HERBAL MASSAGE (80 MINUTES) Traditional therapy that releases muscle tension using soft rolling motions with herbal compresses.

SACRED HOT STONE MASSAGE (80 MINUTES) A deep nurturing massage with warm river stones to relieve muscle tension.

FEET & LEGS (25 MINUTES) Foot and leg massage.

*Cannot be combined with Awe Salon Services.                 


Fish Spa Experience

The Fish Spa Experience is a mystic and natural feet cleansing with the help of Garra Rufa Fish.

The Fish Spa is a pioneer treatment in the therapeutic and wellness world using authentic Garra Rufa Fish, also known as “Doctor Fish”.

* 50 minutes (Foot and leg massage is included.) * 25 minutes

* Not available at Moon Palace Nizuc, Moon Palace Sunrise and Isla Mujeres Palace.


Golden Awe Suite

Our most exclusive Awe Spa golden collection. An exquisite cuddly choice of an enjoyable variety of treatments for couples. Unique experience with a water journey. Emphasized by great amenities and sparkling wine.

PASSION (210 MINUTES) A wonderful way to feel as one along delicious sensations. Take full advantage of cocoa wrapping featuring luminous and revitalized face.

ANTI-STRESS (120 MINUTES) Mate each other’s soul with a touch of pampering essences. Wonderfully relaxing and restorative experience.

ROMANTIC (90 MINUTES) Let the indulgent experience wrap your senses for an unforgettable time with one another.




Get to know the needs of your face through a specialized cosmetics class where you will learn how to perform a facial cleaning and the appropriate way to apply facial care products taught by a professional.

* Available only at Grand Spa.

  • #1The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun
  • #1Isla Mujeres Palace
  • #2 Le Blanc Spa Resort
  • #3 Le Blanc Los Cabos
  • #3 Sun Palace
  • #4 Cozumel Palace
  • #6 Playacar Palace
  • #6 Moon Palace Jamaica
  • #9 Beach Palace
  • #29 Moon Palace Cancún