While Jamaica is most famous for its reggae music and jerk chicken, it offers far more than that. The country is home to idyllic white sand beaches, mountains with waterfalls all over, and colorful fishing villages, many of which reside in Ocho Rios. And with a newly debuted direct flight from Miami, you’re now closer than ever to this side of paradise. Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons why Ocho Rios should be on your next solo, couples, or family vacation bucket list. 

  1. Connectivity: Direct flights from Miami to Ocho Rios
    Starting November 2022, American Airlines will be cutting Jamaican-bound travelers' routes short with its first-ever international flight between Miami and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Available for booking as of now, twice a week travelers will be able to board a direct flight to Ian Fleming International Airport, located just minutes from some of Ocho Rio’s most beautiful natural treasures, such as James Bond Beach, Turtle River Falls, and plenty more which we’ll get to shortly. 
  2. Just around the corner from Dunn’s River Falls
    From waterfalls emptying into picturesque Caribbean beaches and others that lead to swimming spots fitting for romantic novels, the array of waterfalls in Ocho Rios is as staggering as it is beautiful. So much so that Netflix decided to showcase Dunn’s River Falls in its feature-length film Like Father, featuring Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen. 

    At 177.16 feet high, and with cascades of about 597 feet that empty into the Caribbean, Dunn's River Falls easily ranks at the top of must-visit spots in Ocho Rios. Other noteworthy falls just as sensational are the Blue Hole Falls, Secret Falls, Konoko Falls, and plenty more spots that are ideal for staying cool in the tropical Jamaican weather.
  3. The legacy of James Bonds lives in Jamaica
    Did you know that the secret agent who is forever glorified for his fine, sophisticated style played a significant role in Jamaica? Ian Fleming, the mind behind James Bond, wrote most of his novels at his Goldeneye estate on the island, which was also the setting for three James Bond movies, Dr. No, the first-ever Bond film, in 1962; Live and Let Die in 1973, and No Time to Die in 2021. With this, Fleming became a staple in Jamaica achieving many recognitions such as James Bond Trail, James Bond Beach, and Ian Fleming International Airport—conveniently located just 15 minutes from Moon Palace Jamaica. Follow in the footsteps of his legacy while you sip on an iconic bond cocktail—shaken and not stirred—at Piano Bar.
  4. Experience the Olympic sport that won Jamaica worldwide recognition
    Like the four Jamaican bobsledders, who, with no prior experience, managed to win the hearts of viewers of the 1988 Olympics, which soon became the 1990 Hollywood hit, Cool Runnings,  you can now live this exciting experience. Rather than icy terrains however, you can ride high above the mountainous rainforests of Mystic Mountain, a 100-acre park that jags straight into the Caribbean, on your very own bobsled. Turn up the thrill, or slow down and admire the omnipresent jungle in what is one of the best activities Jamaica has to offer. 
  5. One of the best beach destinations in Jamaica
    Ocho Rios is a paradise for beach lovers looking to soak up the sun and splash around on the waterfront treasures. From Half Moon Beach to Ocho Rios Bay Beach, you can choose between gentle rolling waves or a more energetic surf setting—and even a few hidden spots filled with amazing food and authentic reggae beats.  

    So there you have it, Ocho Rios is truly an island gem waiting to be discovered. With its spectacular settings, delectable flavors, and now direct flights, there are more than enough reasons to make Ocho Rios your next vacation destination.

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