>What is Cash is King?

Cash is King is Palace Resorts' exclusive travel agent booking bonus rewards program where agents earn CASH on top of commission via a convenient VISA Prepaid Debit Card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.

>How do I register for the Cash is King Program?

You must be a registered travel agent with valid IATA/CLIA number and Palace PRO Specialist Agent to register bookings on Cash is King. If you meet these requirements and are not currently registered, simply click on "Register" and follow the registration process online. Your new Cash is King Prepaid Debit Card will be sent to the agency address we have on file after you claim your first booking. If you have any further questions, please contact our Cash is King team at

>Why do you require my Social Security number to register?

An individual or sole proprietor that has earnings within a calendar year that amounts to $600 or more will be subject to 1099 reporting. Questions regarding 1099s should be directed to your tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Code.

>Will I earn bonus cash on bookings made prior to registering for Cash is King?

You have up to 90 DAYS after a client has completed traveled to submit bookings. Any bookings submitted past the 90 day period will not be valid for Cash is King booking bonus rewards redemption.

>How do I get my Cash is King debit card?

Once you sign up for the program, you Cash is King debit card will be sent out to the agency address we have on file - no vouchers to claim or form filing! The issued debit card(s) will be mailed with your most recent cash payments loaded onto them along with instructions on how to activate the cash access features.

>How do I activate my Cash is King debit card?

Cash is King is Palace Resorts' exclusive travel agent booking bonus rewards program where agents now earn CASH on a convenient VISA Prepaid Debit Card that can be used to shop anywhere VISA is accepted.

>How do I update my profile on the Cash is King website?

To update your profile on the Cash is King website, sign in using your login/password, click on "Profile", update any necessary information, and click "Submit" to save your changes.

>How do I use my Cash is King debit card?

Prepaid cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted and at ATMs worldwide.

>Will I incur any fees when using my Cash is King prepaid debit card?

Fee are minimal for card usage and based on standard prepaid card Industry rates.

The following usage fees apply to your Cash is King debit card:

  • A fee of $1.75 for domestic ATMs and a fee of $4.95 for foreign transactions.
  • There is no maintenance fee associated with the card.
  • There is a $5.00 fee associated with replacing a lost or stolen card. 

>When do I earn Cash?

Cash will be earned after travel period is completed on qualifying bookings and will automatically be loaded to your account (debit card) by the end of the month following travel. Travel agent rates, FAM trips, Interline, Ready. Sell. Stay., OTAs, no-shows and cancelled bookings, and discounted rates do not qualify as bookings. Verification of bookings is not an automated process and may be delayed. 

>Will I earn booking bonus rewards on group bookings?

Yes, groups up to twenty-five (25) rooms qualify. Any additional rooms within the same room booking will not apply.

>What happens if I move to a NEW travel agency?

If you change agencies, go to the "Profile" tab and click on the "Edit" button. Update your profile with your new agency account information. Updates must be made within 14 days to ensure proper tracking of booking bonus rewards. Palace Resorts is not responsible for untracked reservations due to failure to notify of such change.

>Does my Cash is King debit card expire?

Yes, the expiration date is indicated on the card. Replacement cards will be issued automatically.

>Who do I contact if I have questions about my prepaid card?

Call 877.562.2235 or visit for card support including balance inquiries, card replacement and general information. 

>Which browsers are compatible with this site?

The following browsers can be used to view this site:
Google Chrome:
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Is the Palace EDGE program available through a Tour Operator?

Yes, it is available through a Tour Operator.

How does the Tour Operator identify that I'm a PRO Agent?

The Tour Operator knows whom to contact at Palace Resorts to confirm you are a PRO Agent. After confirming, they will contact you.

If I am booking a wedding, how does the wedding call center know that I'm a PRO Agent?

When booking with our wedding department directly, it's easy! We can instantly verify your PRO Agent status.

Is the Palace EDGE Program available to all PRO Agents?

Yes, as long as you are registered on the website as a PRO agent and have completed the Palace Resorts Specialist online course.

What qualifies as a group?

These benefits are valid when booking groups of ten (10) rooms or more that require a written contract.

How does advance booking work?

You must book ten (10) rooms or more, 9 months in advance. Of the ten (10) rooms, eight (8) rooms are paid and one (1) room is complimentary.

Would you be able to do a buy-out with this promotion?

At the present moment no buy-outs are available.


What’s included in $1,500 Resort Credit?

On top of the already unmatched all-inclusive luxury amenities and service, $1,500 Resort Credit can be used on spa and beauty salon treatments, golf outings, tours, romantic dinners, and our select Palace Resorts Wedding Collections (terms and conditions apply). With our custom calculator, you will be able to know the amount of Resort Credit on your reservation and check its balance and all the transactions made during your stay at Palace Resorts. Visit for more information or credit if at Le Blanc Spa Resort.

What is the Cancellation Policy/No-Show Policy?

Reservations for travel dates January 3, 2018-December 23, 2018 - Free cancellation up until 4 days prior to arrival with no penalty. For cancellations made within 3 days of arrival, or no-shows, guest(s) will be charged one night penalty.

What does all-inclusive include?

Enjoy unlimited food and beverage, nightly entertainment, 24-hour room service, liquor dispenser and minibar in your guest room and an abundance of other services and amenities, without concern for cost. It’s all covered in our all-inclusive features, even all taxes and gratuities.

Do I have exchange privileges?

Travel agents and companions are able to visit other Palace Resorts properties during their stay and enjoy resort amenities, restaurants, pools, and more at a special rate. Rates vary by property and available upon request to territory BDM or by sending an email to