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Is the Palace EDGE program available through a Tour Operator?

Yes, it is available through a Tour Operator. 

How does the Tour Operator identify that I'm a PRO Agent?

The Tour Operator knows whom to contact at Palace Resorts to confirm you are a PRO Agent. After confirming, they will contact you.

If I am booking a wedding, how does the wedding call center know that I'm a PRO Agent?

When booking with our wedding department directly, it's easy! We can instantly verify your PRO Agent status.

Is the Palace EDGE Program available to all PRO Agents?

Yes, as long as you are registered on the website as a PRO agent and have completed the Palace Resorts Specialist online course.

What is the special agent rate?

The rate varies depending on the time of the year, the size of the group, and the availability at the resort. However, you can rest assured you will receive the best available rate.

What qualifies as a group?

These benefits are valid when booking groups of ten (10) rooms or more that require a written contract.

How does advance booking work?

You must book ten (10) rooms or more, 9 months in advance. Of the ten (10) rooms, eight (8) rooms are paid and one (1) room is complimentary.

Would you be able to do a buy-out with this promotion?

At the present moment no buy-outs are available.